Monday, March 28, 2011


My friend Amanda sent me a bundle of the ACS daffodils the day before we left for Florida. I felt so bad that I would not be able to enjoy them, but my friend Angie told me to put them in water and stick them in the frig for the 8 days we were gone. Lo and behold, when we got home, they were still budded! Took them out and within 3 hours, they were in full bloom and lasted 6 days!! A note of spring in an otherwise wintery-feeling week.

My head is healing. No more pain, just soreness and tenderness. They will keep the staples in until next Monday because of the skin flap they had to deal with. My burn is healing and my pulled scapula is 100% better. Chemo effects from last week are all gone. Things are looking up.

Dick did not think he would have any access to internet on his trip since they have sparse and inconsistent electricity, but somewhere they found an “ancient and slow” computer and he was able to let me know that after a stressful travel-gone-wrong 22-hour ordeal, they made it to their destination. I hope whatever access he has to this computer, he can continue to use it periodically to update us since cell phones don’t work in the DR. I miss him, but am thrilled he has this opportunity to experience a different culture for 2 weeks. I am staying busy with carpenters in and out and doing some deep spring cleaning in the bedrooms and den…..too many cobwebs in corners, too many piles of “stuff” sitting around.

I had a gift certificate for a massage and I went today to use it. A full hour. Felt like I melted into the table. If I ever won the lottery, my splurge would be to hire a full-time massage therapist to come over every single day and give Dick and me massages. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket someday. Who knows.....


Cole said...

Thrilled to hear this week is looking better!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are better with you !