Friday, March 25, 2011


Most of us who read to our children remember the Judith Viorst classic, “Alexander and Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.” Such as been my 24 hours.

My week post-chemo has been lousy. It’s not that I have been overly brain-fogged, or overly nauseated, or overly fatigued, but just enough of a combo of each of those has made me feel lousy. And then the past 24 hours….

I pulled a muscle (scapula) and it was quite painful. Decided to lay on a heating pad for the pain and the sustained pressure and heat on the scapula caused a burn on my back the size of a silver dollar….a painful burn, I might add…..located right on the spot where I had pulled the muscle. Not 12 hours later I fainted in the hall in the middle of the night and bashed my head into the edge of the heat register as I crumpled to the floor, my husband finding a 6 inch pool of blood within seconds of him rushing to me.

I now have 8 staples in the gash and am on antibiotics to prevent infection (apparently there was a little skin flap out that had to be put back and they wanted to be proactive).

My husband is on a lengthy work-related trip; my NCAA brackets have been blown out of town tonight, my head is unbelievably sore, my hair is full of crusty blood, and my suntan is rapidly fading.

Perhaps you just pay for an awesome Florida vacation on the backside.


Cole said...

WOW...that is a horrible, awful, no good day!!! Let's hope that's the last of all the awful events, I think that's WAY more than your share!

Anonymous said...

You-know-who is trying to mess with you.......And in the name of Jesus, he can take a hike, just like we talked about last Wednesday! I'm sorry about your "terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!" You only have to have ONE of those--OKAY!!?!?! Hang in there, my strong friend. (We just got home from Wichita.....) Luvuju!

Anonymous said...

OMG Mary- What a day !!! yuck!
The blood in the hair will be washed out, you can ALWAYS switch to hockey, but the tan fading- well now that IS a problem
Take care Mary your days are gonna get better
Pale in Minnesota