Thursday, March 3, 2011


Since I have been the president of the Bad News Club for the past 6 months, I suppose I should report on the latest. (I wonder what those "glowing reports" that people get must feel like???) I have arthritis in my right leg. Yes. From radiation.    %&$*. For the past 2 months I have had increasing stiffness and pain in my right leg. I thought I may have just pulled muscles exercising, but it did not get better. The pain is all top shin, inner thigh, outer thigh, top thigh and rear end. Even Dick, (the finest PT diagnostician ever) was mystified by the symptoms. Last night I went to several medical web sites and cancer sites and then a chat room of people who have all had radiation to the hip, and all sites said the same thing. Stiffness, pain and arthritis to the affected leg. Well, this just makes my day. I'm sure they don't tell you this for a reason. I am not sure I would have agreed to the radiation if I had known this apparently-common result. Dick has given me 3 exercises to do daily and I intend to do them faithfully. Hopefully that will prevent further stiffness. I may need a walking stick before my parents do!!

I did get my haircut yesterday, and that is always a mood-lifter. I have an amazing stylist who knows exactly what you should look like to look like yourself. Did that make sense? Anyway, she chopped 4 inches off my long (for me) hair and she said, "This is you, Mary." And it definitely is. Love this gal who can bring out the best of your features with haircuts.

I've worked a couple half-days this week and am working a full day tomorrow at school. Between that and threading myself around 3 remodeling projects at home, it has been a productive week. The worst of the hammering noise from the crew will happen next week, but then one project (basement) should done.  And we did find someone, by the way, who will rectify the mess we made with our bathroom demo. Live and learn. My friend Amanda told me that her dad always says that if something can be fixed with a check book, you can deal with it. In light of cancer, AMEN to that!!!

Here's hoping you all have a great weekend. Don't put too many holes in the wall of your lives!


Pipsylou said...

I can't wait to see your new bathroom! I thought it looked cute before, so I am sure it will look spectacular now! I've always loved your house.

Arthritis...bah humbug. I am sure you are doing those exercises faithfully. How that will benefit you! Thanks for sharing each part of your journey with us.

If you had an email from me every time I thought about you you might have to put a restraining order on me. ;)

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