Sunday, February 27, 2011


My first week of “maintenance chemo” has been lived out, and I am happy to say that we can easily live with the side effects. I was more nauseated than before, but not enough to lose my appetite. The chemo-brain fog was barely noticeable, and for only a couple of days. I was never completely “out of it” as I was with the full-on chemotherapy. So praise God that this course of treatment was the right choice for me. Thank you so much for praying about it!

Sam surprised us last night with a phone call saying he was on his way home for an overnight. Not that he needed to see the ol’ folks so much as he needed a haircut from mom (I cannot get that young man to trust a barber… no way, no how). It was easy to say goodbye today since he will be home in 12 days for his spring break!

Ron and Joyce, see the Christmas amaryllis below!! The full blooms were so beautiful. Thanks again. It was so fun watching the new life spring up from the dead-looking bulb!


We are so thrilled that our niece Rachel had her 18-week ultrasound, and after losing their daughter Lucy’s twin in the first trimester, 2 more miscarriages (including twins), and an ectopic pregnancy, we know now she is carrying a perfect and healthy baby girl due in July. A sweet little sister for Asher and Lucy. It is not easy when loss has pervaded your family planning. Rach and Scott have walked this heart-wrenching journey with such sorrow, but it was always trumped with strength and resilience, and I respect them so much for having the courage to try it one more time. Please keep our new great-niece in your prayers!!

Dick and I did demo in our bathroom this weekend. Chiseling off 45-year-old tile from the dry wall is, to say the least, muscle aching and highly messy work. I am not a weekend warrior. All my neck and arm muscles ache. The really good news is….we only put 5 bad holes through the drywall!! One was so big that we can stick our hands on the outside insulation of the house!!  Moral of this story…. Doing your own demo to save money may backfire. We now will need to have the drywall replaced before putting up the new tile. Here is where cancer gives you an edge, folks. You simply don’t flippin’ care about holes in walls!! It is sort of like, “Oh, well, time to call someone who knows what they are doing. No problem.” With cancer, home rehab angst vaporizes before your very eyes!!

Congrats to my niece Maddie’s Fargo North hockey team who claimed the North Dakota State Girls Hockey championship on Saturday. A great way to go out in your senior year after a long hockey career. She is a rock star hockey player and has done the Hieb name proud in ice arenas around the upper Midwest. Way to go, Mads!!

Again, I can’t tell you all how much your prayers continue to mean to me. I am walking daily with a steady faith that my healing is happening right now based on God’s promises, and I will not waver. Thank you all for walking this journey with me and for caring so much. It means everything!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mary
Glad to hear that the side effects are not too bad. Also, glad to hear good news for your niece.
Thinking and praying for you each day and hoping for a good one. Each day is a new journey
You have such a strong spirt Mary