Monday, February 7, 2011


The other day I googled “healed of cancer.” One of the links from a church caught my eye and I went to the website. There was a moving testimony from a pastor of his own healing from cancer as well as the healings of his two children. It left me encouraged, as he stressed how you need to stand on God’s Word for healing, which I have tried to do. In the little comment box, I filled in the required fields (name and phone number), and then I left a one sentence prayer request.

Two days later, I got a phone call from the pastor of this church in Los Angeles! He listened to me, shared his own cancer story with me, encouraged me, talked to me about the passage in John 5 where the sick man was waiting by the pool in Bethsaida, and then he prayed for me. Let me tell you, his prayer was so unbelievably powerful that I was weeping before he was done.  He told me that if I ever get to LA, I need to come and visit their church (which really hones in on healing).

It made me realize just how large the body of Christ is. So many fellow believers who want to lift up their brothers and sisters in Christ. It is humbling. I want to go and do likewise, and be a bold prayer warrior for people who need healing. So many have been doing it for and with me, including a warm and loving Hispanic pastor from half a country away.

I will let you all know of my scan results when they come in. Tomorrow is the test.


Cole said...

I was thinking of you the other day while watching Dr. Oz. I don't normally watch many shows like that, but all of his guests were speaking of the HEALING OF THEIR CANCER! Specific stories of healing that, by no studied scientific means, could be explained apart from God.

I trust whole-heartedly in His word and am with you praying for your peace in this process no matter the outcome of the test tomorrow. We don't know God's timing for healing, we just know how much we need to trust in Him.

Anonymous said...

I will be with you in prayer tomorrow my good friend

Pipsylou said...

love you.

Anonymous said...

I send my prayers for your wellness and healing...