Friday, February 4, 2011


I've had a busy week and those are the best kind. Unfortunately, some of the busyness revolved around 3 separate problems with one of our cars, requiring driving it to and from Yankton (in a ground blizzard) for service, to and from our local mechanic for service (twice), and to and from two body shops for estimates (some loser "hit and ran" us while parked and of course left no note with their insurance information). One of the problems is solved, the other 2 are scheduled in. I worked as a Title teacher on Wednesday which I always enjoy. And we've had the happy news of my great-nephew's birth.

JACK, right after birth

Jack Sloane Schuett FINALLY (he was 10 days overdue and making his sweet mama miserable!) arrived on Tuesday night. He is perfect and healthy and already very loved by all of us. We wish he did not live in Minneapolis....too far.

I decided to move up the day of my PET scan to Tuesday (from Thursday). It is hanging over me, and I just want to get it done. The results will determine the next step in my treatment. While I continue to stand strong on God's Word about healing of my cancer, the Scriptures clearly do not speak about God's timing for ANYTHING. I do believe it will happen and I stay in that belief mode. I need to keep that perspective going into the PET.

I so hope the results do not take several days, though that could happen if the radiologists are backed up. Pray that my anxiety over the PET stays reasonable.....I hate these tunnels in these imaging machines. Dick will be able to go with me to Sioux Falls, which is a blessing. He is my rock.


Anonymous said...

Stand strong Mare!! Jack is a beautiful baby:))
Love U, Kim

Anonymous said...

Hang in there and hold fast to the Lord. Your newborn is truly a blessing. Much love to you, Sandra