Thursday, February 17, 2011


The next step in my treatment is maintenance chemotherapy to try to keep the disease from progressing. I will have only 1 primary chemo drug (2 secondary drugs) instead of 2, which should even lessen the side effects I currently have. If I have nothing worse than the chemo-brain, I will be grateful. As it is, I am so thankful that God protected my body with all of the first line chemo. Dick and I had visions of vomiting, not eating, becoming emaciated, hair loss, etc. and none of that materialized. Considering my drug sensitivity makes me sick from Tylenol, this seems like a total God-thing. I will start this regime on Monday. Please pray that my immune system stays strong and that I tolerate the new protocol well.

We have also decided that we will seek out a lung CA specialist at some major cancer institute and consult to make sure that all of our options are known. We don’t want to miss out on some new development. You could pray that we are led to the right place and the right oncologist.

While Dick has to spend the weekend interviewing prospective students for next year, I am catching a ride with Sam to Minneapolis. He is going up there to see a Minnesota WILD game (Sam is hoping the game will be just that) with his cousin Billy, and I will go along to meet Gretchen and Billy’s son, our new great-nephew Jack!  Check out 1-week-old Jack and see why I am excited to love him up!

                     Photography by Jack’s mama, Gretchen Hieb Schuett

So many friends have lifted me up this past difficult week. Angie, Susan, and Rachel, your words were a balm to my soul. Your vigilant faith in my healing continues to stagger me. (Rachel, keep “pouring it on” when I need it. You are a rock star niece and I so depend on you to keep me focused on The Truth).  Julie, you came over when I needed you most and reminded me that the hope and the fight go on. Mary Ruth, your prayers are so powerful. Thank you for being bold before our very big God. Karol, Jill, Cindy and Lee, your support and encouragement with visits and calls and walks and emails continue to mean the world to me. Thank you for standing with me in faith. Cole, your sweet words lift me and inspire me all the time.

And always, always, my family. Richie, Sam, Mom and Dad, Chris, Margie, Lowie, Mike ……thank you for holding me up this week. It was news none of us wanted to hear. Thank you for keepin’ the faith and believing in my healing. Thank you for loving me so much and for staying in the trenches with me. You knew this was not going to be a sprint, and you still choose daily to walk with me through this muck. Keep praying.

I love you all past the moon.


Cole said...

As one of my favorite song's lyrics state, "don't be a horse race, be a marathon". I see God healing you in the long run, His time, and allowing His faithfulness to be glorified through you, your words, and your actions. You are an inspirational woman, Mary! Prayers will never cease from here!

Pipsylou said...

SO excited about your visit with little Jack! Man, he's cute. Looking at his parents, not a surprise.

I'm following Cole's lead and giving you my latest favorite song lyric: "Why, why, why not jump over doubt and dive into belief?" :)