Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Cut and pasted a few family reunion pix off my niece's blog....She put up lots of pix from the weekend. I shouldn't be stealing from her....she's a lawyer and knows how to sue me.
I plead for mercy, Gretchen.

Great-auntie Mary holding Jack, with his Grampa Chris looking on

Mom and Dad with their 3 great-grandsons, Hendrik, Jack, and Will

Me and "my girls."
Five sweet Hieb nieces....

Chemo yesterday went very well. My labs, kidney function and liver function are all perfect. The nurse got the catheter in with one poke, and I was able to come home and sand floors and clean garages, take a swim and make a dessert. SO grateful to God for His provision during these infusions.


Cole said...

AMAZING!!! Praise God for the healing and the abilities He's giving you along the way. It still makes me do a double-take when I read posts like today, but I don't know why. =) It should be expected at this point!

Gretchen said...

Been so busy with school lately, I'm just seeing this post. I promise not to sue. :)
It was so fun seeing you, Sam and Dick over the 4th. I hope you guys are having a great summer up north and you're getting a break from some of this heat. Whew!
I Minnesotans aren't allowed to complain about heat, but I really want to! :)
Love you and I'm so thankful all your tests look good and you're not having to be poked anymore than is necessary!
Hugs and kisses to all!