Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I cannot blog at the cabin on our internet, so waiting until I am at a library is making posts rather infrequent. Nonetheless, I thought I should check in with you and share the mundane facts of life while I've been away from my blog.

We picked 15 quarts of strawberries this week, and froze all but 1 quart. We'll pick more next week. We hope the raspberries start blooming soon.....we need rain. Ideally I want to freeze as many quarts of raspberries and blueberries as we can get to take home for the winter. Do I sound like a squirrel, hoarding nuts for the winter?

The new floors are finally done. It was such back-breaking work. We are in awe of people who do this for a living! Dick did an amazing job. We have moved back into the bedrooms from the living room, and all we have left to do is nail in the baseboards in Sam's room. I cannot tell you how happy we are to be done! The ash wood is beautiful.....every plank has different coloring and grain.

Dick finishing up the floor....

We "babysat the kids" again this week. Mama deer left the twin fawns on the hill by our bunkhouse. We noticed them at 2:00 and they were still there, not moving, at 6:00. I am fascinated at the communication between the moms and babes, which is clearly, "I am going out to the deep woods MOPS meeting and you two stay still and do not move one inch until I come and get you." At any rate, I was there with a camera when she came to pick up her charges, and was able to catch all three of them.

Mom picked up the twins....

One of the babies laying on the hill, waiting patiently!

Dick and I have committed time every morning on the deck for Bible study and prayer. We are also organizing all that we have learned about healing in order to share it with others. We feel sure that God has a healing ministry waiting for us. We are blown away by what we have never been taught about divine healing.

Sam was off with two buddies last week to Sonshine Music Festival in Willmar, MN and then to a Twins game. He was asked to counsel at Miracle Bible Camp a couple weeks ago, and was able to do that because he had no lawns to mow that week. His mowing business is giving him enough income for the school year, he hopes. He will counsel one more week in August.

My parents came for Mom's birthday and we had such fun. Despite the suffocating temps and one day of rain, we still celebrated! I am so grateful they can still make the trip to our cabin. We have 4 friends from Vermillion coming on Saturday, and we can't wait!

I am a great-aunt again. My niece Rachel had Phoebe Ellis Hillestad at 8 yesterday morning. She is beautiful and perfect. Rach had serious complications last night and nearly died. They needed to do an emergency hysterectomy from sudden and massive internal hemorrhaging, but we are SO grateful to God for saving her life, and for the expertise of the doctors who assisted Him!! You sure never know when life can turn on a dime. Congrats to Rachel and Scott and big sibs Lucy and Asher. We sure can't wait to meet Phoebe!!

Our sweet new Phoebe

I hope all of you are having a great summer and are surviving this insane weather!!


Cole said...

Mary, I stand in amazement. I know God is healing your body, but each time I see a picture of you and hear of the 'normal' and even above normal things you're doing on this journey...I truly stand in awe of all that God is doing in you!

I agree that God has placed a special calling on both of you, and know that you as you put on His armor and prepare yourselves for this task...God is covering you in His peace. He's readying you for all that is to come. You have answered His calling so humbly and prayerfully and I love hearing how much you are LIVING each day to the fullest!!! Praise God!

Anonymous said...

Mary, you look wonderful, and those strawberries !!! Yummmmm
Glad to hear that you are having a great summer @ the cabin.
Loved the reunion pics - those little ones are adorable !
You and your family are in my my prayers.