Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Greetings from Infusion Room #3 in Hibbing, MN. My Alaxi (nausea drug) is dripping in, and my chair is massaging and warming me. All is good. (Except for the sleepless night on the steroids.....I am not exaggerating....I did not sleep one wink all night). Heading to Wal-mart for my weekly shop after this, and then home. It's supposed to be a gorgeous day and I want to get some beach work done.

Our family reunion had to go to plan B. What are the chances of a reunion (planned 1 year in advance to be held in a state park) being a total wash because the state government shuts down the day 32 people are supposed to arrive?? It happened. Everyone was re-routed to my brother's cabin in Detroit Lakes and we had a great 2 days together. I will post some pictures once I get them. My sister-in-law is a photographer and she took tons of pix and is getting us all a CD of them.

Dick and Sam and I left the reunion Sunday night instead of early Monday morning to get the 3rd and 4th coats of urethane on Sam's floor (we are laying ash planking). We did the 3rd at 11 that night and it was a perfect night of warm and dry breezes. It was set up by morning and we got that last coat sanded and urethaned and it dried all day. It had to be hard enough for tarps and pads to be laid down for an electrician to be working in there today. The floor really is beautiful. As much as our bodies and backs ache from the job, it will give us great satisfaction that we did it all ourselves. Tonight we move Sam back in his room, move the furniture out of our room, and will get the stain on tonight. By Friday, it should all be done and we will be doing a major happy dance, let me tell you!!

Our baby fawns were laying behind our garage yesterday. Mom was no where to be seen...she must have left them there. They were so still and didn't move. As much as I wanted a picture, I didn't want to startle them with a click. The mom obviously left them in a place that felt "safe" and we didn't want to take that away. We enjoy our resident deer so much.

Dick and I have never felt stronger in our bold and unwavering faith in my complete healing. As we read through the Gospels and Acts, we see that there are so many more instances of Jesus healing diseases than even forgiving sins. But the caveat is always faith. Faith in what goes against human reason. Faith that says God will do exactly as He says he will do. Faith in His Word as being His will. We are taking Him at His Word and believe healing is happening. The creator of the universe has a right to put conditions on His miracles, and that condition, according to Scripture, is unwavering faith (NOT HOPE). We are so excited to point others who need healing to the truth about healing according to our mighty God and healer, Jehovah-Rapha.

My only prayer is that I might be able to sleep at least a couple hours in the next 2 nights on steroids. It is so hard to be sleep-deprived. Thanks!!

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