Friday, June 24, 2011


Until I have time to sit and post what I was going to write, this will have to suffice. We are knee-deep in chaos once again----why DO we do this to ourselves? Our carpet needed replacing, and instead of doing that, we are laying wood floors. Dick is doing it himself. Sam is a camp counselor this week at Miracle Bible Camp, so we are trying to get his room done while he is gone. The prep is a back already aches only a few hours into the project. His bedroom is in the living room and once again, I need to get comfy with a torn-apart house!! I am trusting that the finished product, once down and urethaned (it is ash planking), will be beautiful and walked on for many decades to come.

Our resident doe and her fawn have company in the woods. The day before yesterday she was nursing the fawn in our driveway.....pretty cute. We also have a mom with twin fawns.....they were running around the cabin yesterday morning twice in a row like they were playing tag. We also have a very docile deer who is fairly unreactive to us even when we walk within 15 feet of him. He just stares at us, but is not skittish.

Our family reunion planned for the 4th of July weekend at Itasca State Park is in possible peril. The state of Minnesota cannot get its budget together and if they cannot reach an agreement, the state shuts down Friday morning, and state parks are considered non-essential. We have 33 people coming; we rented the large log hostel in the park which will sleep all of us, so we are in a wait-and-see mode. My brother has graciously offered up his cabin and yard for the event if we need to switch. It may be a tent reunion, but we are all pretty flexible, so as long as we are together, we'll have fun. This is the first ever Hieb reunion. Can't wait.

Need to get back to work scraping glued-on foam backing from an old carpet pad off the plywood. Sounds like a blast, doesn't it??


Cole said...

THAT doesn't sound fun at all...but maybe you can use it as a visual...scraping all of those awful cells out of your body like you scrape on that floor! =) Just a thought.

I'm so thankful to know you're doing well and you'll get to be surrounded by more family soon. That is a tremendous blessing!

P.S. REALLY like the new background!!

Pipsylou said...

Man, your house sounds like mine!

I LOVED your "windshield wiper and bug" analogy.


Thinking about you all the time... (in a non-stalker way, of course) :)