Friday, June 10, 2011


This morning I got together with my Friday "Warrior Women" (taking over for the summer from my Wednesday Prayer Partners back in SD). Lee and Penny, sweet dear friends, have come alongside me on this journey of total faith and belief in God's healing of me, and we had a rich time together. We sang praise sangs, talked about who we are in the Lord and the power and authority we have in His name, and prayed. It was such a rich time of sharing. I am so blessed to have their support and love and their Godly wisdom. We all agree in God's promises throughout Scripture for healing, and agree that we appropriate that healing by faith in His divine Word. I am so grateful that Jesus died for my sins AND my sickness!

I am grateful for feeling so good after chemo once again. Two days out, I am climbing hills and moving furniture and planting flowers and simply enjoying each day at the lake.

What is most exciting to tell you is that in the past 72 hours, I have seen amazing improvement in my right leg. Radiation has left me with a very stiff, painful arthritic leg and a very painful trigger spot in my right buttock next to the hip tumor. I massage and stretch and heat my leg daily to keep it as limber as possible so as not to lose mobility. Only at the end of the day, with all my self-therapy can I lift my leg within 8-10 inches of my face. BUT in the past 3 days...........the pain on my back side is GONE and this morning, with no walking, stretching or massage, I was able to put my toes on top of my head. AMAZING. GOD IS SO GOOD!!

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Cole said...

WOW!!! I can hear the energy exuding from the words you share! Praise God for each and every victory on this path to healing!!