Sunday, June 5, 2011


The first day of Mrs. Black's Kindergarten, I met her. Something clicked, and the rest of our young lives is history. Patty and I became best friends. So many shared secrets. So many Barbie and Ken play times. So many sleepovers. Here we are playing a duet in our 1965 piano recital. (P, I think you got that dress at Tiny Town!) 

Patty is the cute one!!

We learned about menstruation together from one of her older neighbor girls who made it out to be quite the dreaded event. Patty and I had to stifle our giggles and feign surprise in front of our mothers when we saw "the movie." We spent days and weeks together at Pelican lake, getting crushes on boys and spinning around the lake in her big orange inboard.

Through the 8th grade, we were inseparable. But Patty and her family moved from our hometown when she was a freshman. Our contact was less, and though we re-connected when we both lived in Minneapolis after my grad school days, there was far too much space between our get-togethers.

We haven't seen each other in over 25 years, but we are in touch. And like I know my old hometown phone number, I will always know her birthday (and HER old phone number!) Patty, our memories are irreplaceable. You were such a huge part of my childhood. I hope that your birthday brings a new year full of contentment. I thank you for all of your encouragement the past year. Love you, old friend!!

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