Thursday, June 2, 2011


 I love God's displays of beauty from ashes and calm after storms. When the Memorial Day storms swept through the area, our lake was black and churning and covered in white caps. It brought with it many downed branches and trees and a 2-day power outage. But then, the calm......

We went down to the dock and saw the aftermath.....our beach was actually ridged. It looked like a Florida beach after high tide. The sand was incredible. Had to take some pictures of it. Don't think I have ever seen it like this in all the years we have lived here.

And then I opened my devotional for the day. It had this:

Because of storms that lash the ocean waves, 
the waters there keep purer than if the heavens o'erhead
were always fair.
The bright banner of the skies floats not at noonday warm;
The rainbow follows after thunderclouds
and after storm.

Great faith must first endure great trials. Amen.


Cole said...

Oh wow!! All I can add to that is another Amen. What a beautiful discovery after the storms!!

Patricia said...

Mary & Dick, Welcome back to your MN cabin. See you in church.Pat