Wednesday, June 8, 2011


A thanks to all of you who prayed today......prayers were answered!! My facility here is very nice, private rooms with flat screen TV's, a heated massaging Lazy-Boy which I used the WHOLE time, and WiFi. Got lots of work done on the laptop while infusing. My oncologist up here is very nice and very bright. He does not, however, have the element of faith that I share with my SD doctor. And that is a huge hole for me. But I am not having chemo in MN to find a doctor who believes in divine healing. I am having it because I live here for right now, and all I need are 3 sessions. Then back to my wonderful new doc.

The bright moment came when my 21-year-oncology-veteran nurse Gina put in my line. She found a good vein on my upper forearm and got the catheter in with ONE stick. Not only one, but I literally did not feel anything after the initial needle prick. She was so fast and got it in the perfect position and we were done in about 8 seconds! She is my new hero. Sadly, she is on vacation at my next appt.

Today I prayed that since God is healing me (or perhaps already has!), He would protect my entire body from the effects of chemo if I do not need it any longer. If Jesus can turn water into wine, He is highly capable of turning a chemo drug into saline!!!

I am feeling nausea or fatigue at all......just made a banana cream pie for dinner, and am getting salmon ready to grill. Praise God for my appetite which has never wavered during any chemo cycle!

Since I am not supposed to eat sugar any more, I have tried several sugar substitutes, all with poor results (mostly bad aftertastes). But I got onto Xylitol, made from birch trees, tastes exactly like sugar, and it has a glycemic index close about 6-7, which is nothing compared to table sugar at 100. I have been experimenting with it in baking and cooking and it is turning out to be the #1 choice. Made this whole pie and meringue with xylitol and the consistency and taste is perfect. I am so excited to not have to give up sweets anymore (at least ones I make at my own house!!)

Again, thanks for all the prayers for things to go well today. They did, and I am humbly grateful to my Lord and Healer for his providence.

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Cole said...

Praise God!! So happy to hear the new facility has the comforts of the one in SD! =)

I have not had anything with sugar...ANYthing in over a year so I recommend agave, honey, and maple syrup. I've found several great recipes for them and you don't use much in comparison to table sugar. Just a tid bit from my kitchen! =)