Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We've had a busy week and it has been all joy. Mom and Dad came to visit, then a few days later we had 4 friends from home come up. We started "the tradition" last year and were able to do it again this year. If we all have anything to say about it, it will be an annual get-together until something forces us to stop!!

My "grand-deer" have been coming around more frequently. The babies are growing like crazy. The loons have had a few noisy convocations on the lake, with up to 9 of them in a pack. We passed a loon with two babies the other day, which was quite a sight. We have an eagle on the lake, and the geese babies are almost as big as their parents. We can feel the summer winding down as we see the growth of the animals.

Hard to believe we will be heading home in 3 weeks. If only this were the beginning of the summer....there is always a little grieving involved when we head the cars south again. How we love our woods and water.

Dick's 8-pound northern caught one morning

One of the fawns in the front yard

Vermillion friends Jill, Patrick, Laura and Kayla came to visit!

Laura, Sam, Kayla and Patrick accidentally overturned the canoe on the way to the island and had to swim home!

Jill, Mary, Laura, Patrick, Kayla and Sam after our nightly campfire

Dick playing UPWORDS with Mom and Dad (yes, it is serious business!!)

I think I have chemo next week, but I'm not sure. Other than my back being bad the past 2 weeks, I've been feeling fine. Praise God.

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Cole said...

Who wouldn't love all of that glorious nature that surrounds you! It's absolutely wonderful!! So thankful you have had time to enjoy it and bask in God's glorious creations, knowing the amazing work He's doing in you as you take it all in. It brings such joy to my heart to think of it all!! Love you!