Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Greetings from the infusion room in Hibbing, MN. I am tickled to be here with WIFI and a laptop and can actually use the internet. When I arrived at 8, they told me the only oncologist had a family emergency and would not be here, and I was to be cancelled. But let me tell you, I begged and they finally let me get my chemo anyway. They got an order from a doc in Duluth. I am so thankful. We are 45 minutes away and Dick is off doing errands (with his forgotten cell phone) and won't return to get me for 3 hours, so it would have been a LONG morning for me if they had not let me. It was a bad morning for needles. My first 2 sticks collapsed veins, the 3rd one went in, but they forgot to come in on time and the first bag of drugs ran dry and I started bleeding out of the IV site so they had to fix all that and tighten the needle into the vein. You don't know how much I hate needles!!!

My back has been bad enough (slowly having less pain every day) to force me to quit berry picking. Dick has been going without me and trying to get twice as much per picking. Dick went out and got 2 quarts in 2 hours last night. It was a productive night for stashing food for the winter. We went out (I have a cushy seat in the boat so my back does fine) and caught 16 fish after he came home with berries, so that's another 2 meals!!

One of the fawns came up by the garage. This pic is very blurry because I took it from quite a distance, but....

The deer come around nearly every day, sometimes twice. We never tire of watching them or having a "stare-down" with them!!

Well, my nurse thinks I should rest my arm instead of type, so I need to get offline. More later on......

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