Thursday, August 18, 2011


Our last week at the pictures.....

Sam had a successful fishing trip!

A 5-lb. will be mounted!

Our last blueberry pick!
A quarter moon over the lake

Our last raspberry pick

The twin fawns crossing the driveway 

This lone male was hanging out with our Mom and babes one afternoon. Hmmmmm....
Our deer family in the driveway
Dick around our last campfire

Sam and his friend Gretchen cooking spaghetti

Had to go check out the progress of my friend Lee's new house before I left

Mom and one of the "grand-deer" came to say goodbye

It's always sad to see the dock and boat lift on the shore...

I leave my heart at Balsam Lake when we leave...

A wonderful summer.....hard to see it end. We are heading home.....


Anonymous said...

Mar, What wonderful pictures !! So glad you had a great summer @ the cabin. You look wonderful!. I WANT those berries !!! they look sooo yummmy
Take care

Anonymous said...

I've never even been there and you make me tear up as you say good-bye for the year in pictures! Kind of how I feel about the Moore Ranch, I'm sure! It is Beautiful......So looking forward to seeing you though! Ju

Cole said...

The lake is SO beautiful and seems to be filled with peace, I can see through your lens why it would be so hard to leave it! So thankful you were able to have a great summer there and soak up so much of God's majesty around you. Breathtaking!!

Anonymous said...

I encountered your blog this Friday evening and what a nice surprise. I am your second cousin, Kathleen, of Wyoming.

God truly works in wondrous ways. I am happy your treatment is going well. You will be in my prayers.