Saturday, November 26, 2011


Instead of picking out caskets, I am picking out Christmas trees.

Instead of deciding what funeral music to have, I am listening to Mannheim Steamroller, Kenny G, Josh Groban, Selah, and Amy Grant Christmas CD's.

Instead of writing my obituary, I am writing blog posts.

Instead of working on my will, I am going to work.

Instead of making funeral arrangements, I am making Christmas cookies with my son.

we are not artistic, but we have fun.....

Instead of talking to my husband about how to go on living without me, we are talking about our dreams for retirement.

Instead of saying goodbyes to everyone, I am saying hello to every new day.

How great is our God. How grateful I am that He has gifted me with these bonus 16 months. What more could a gal want for Christmas than her very life? Lord, you are SO GOOD!!


Cole said...

I have chills covering my body!! What can we do but PRAISE HIM for the amazing work He is doing in your body?! He is so faithful and good..and we are so grateful. =)

P.S. Those cookies have my taste buds dancing!

Anonymous said...

yeah !!! that's the spirt Mary !
Keep it going !

Pipsylou said...

I love this and have thought it many times. :)