Friday, November 11, 2011


          I'm buildin' me an ark!
          I’m writing a book and I am making a guest list. For a party. An “all glory to God, free of cancer” celebration.
          If I have faith that God is healing me, then I need to take that faith to its completion and see the end result. God’s promises about healing for believers are clear, so I’m going to prepare for the final word.
          Didn’t Noah plan for the fulfillment of God’s promise? God says, I’m going to annihilate the earth with a flood. Prepare for it. Build an ark and I’ll save you and your family. Noah knows the promise. He prepares for it to come true. Moses prepared for God’s promise to lead his people out of Egypt and into the Promised Land. Abraham prepared for God’s promise that he would be a dad at a ripe old age. Mary prepared for God’s promise that she would be the mother of God’s son. Joshua prepared for God’s promise that Jericho’s walls would tumble.
          God says what He is going to do; to all of them, to you, to me. Don’t we all then need to pony up and see the completion of the promise in our minds and hearts as a done deal? Do we ever have the right to say, Yeah, sure God, I mean seriously, a flood of the WHOLE earth? A father at age 100? A virgin mom? Remission from stage 4 lung cancer?
          If we have unwavering faith in God, in His Word, in His promises, then doubt is unacceptable. Like those humble biblical greats, I also have faith in my improbable outcome as well. I have no choice. He is my Lord. I have little to offer Him but my obedience and my belief that what He says is His will and is truth.
          So I am building my ark. I am compiling my book of all the truths about healing I have researched in the Bible and other sources, preparing to share it with others who may need it. I am praying about how, when and where God can use my future for His glory. And I am thinking about that party. Random thoughts about all the specific friends that have walked every step of this journey with me that will be invited, lilacs and lilies-of-the-valley, maybe my brother’s blue-grass band with the music gig, my family from far and near doing happy dances around each other, my friend Becca’s husband’s gigantic to-die-for chocolate chip cookies……..and……and…..
          I really feel for Noah. My ark prep is a whole lot more fun than his was.


Cole said...

=) I love it!! What a great image to plant in my mind!

On days like today, when my own healing seems so far in the futre as the pain is my present...I am so thankful to hear my Christian sister who believes as I do...what a blessing to my heart and my mind.

Thank you & love you!!

Becca said...

Mary! What a great celebration it will be! Thanks for the cookie shout out.:) I imagine they would have been appreciated on the ark as well.