Wednesday, November 16, 2011


·        I’m so grateful that my uncle Lowell is going to be OK…..he had a heart attack early last week…..keep him in your prayers!
·        My son did a stellar job in his radio debut as a play-by-play announcer in Chicago for his varsity boys’ basketball team (3 games).  I can’t wait to see how God uses Sam’s gifts in his future career for His purposes!
·        Just when I think my little book is done, I find another book about healing, and learn more truths to include. I guess it is not done after all.
·        I’m so grateful for the great weather we are having in November. The more days with 40’s and 50’s and no snow mean fewer days of winter. The older I get, the more I hate winter.
·        Sam is coming home for Thanksgiving in only 1 week. We are so pumped to have him in his own bed in his own room for more than an overnight!! We can have lazy mornings and watch Rudy and Mrs. Doubtfire (we always find those movies on TV during Thanksgiving) in the afternoons, and give each other foot rubs and pack in a few football games. Only 7 more days!!
·        The bathroom downstairs that I was just going to paint….and then had to tear apart because of all the problems…..well, our friend Gregg is redeeming my blunder, and renovating the space. I am so grateful! He has it to the point of us needing to paint now, and then he will come back and put in the new vanity and trim.
·        I moved my chemotherapy appointment next Tuesday to the Friday of the following week. I just decided I was not going to risk feeling nauseated on Turkey Day. What’s a 10-day delay in chemo when God is doing all the work?
·        There is a Dr. Oz show tomorrow (Thursday) at 4:00 (here) on healing ("Does Prayer Have the Power to Heal?). I’m anxious to tune in!

A great rest of the week to you all....

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Cole said...

I will definitely keep your Uncle in my prayers, and will happily send prayers of praise for all of the wonderful upcoming events!! AND for Sam's fantastic debut! ;)