Sunday, May 6, 2012

Family Welcomes Home #1 Son

Sam is home. Family life back in the ol' swing of things. I have to smile at how well he and I know each other. In church this morning (where Sam had his old gig back as drummer in the praise band for one week), they showed a video clip of a German missionary talking. Subtitles were underneath. I turned my head toward Sam, cupped my mouth as I started toward his ear to whisper something to him, and he turns to me and whispers "no" in answer to the question I never even had to ask. We started to laugh because we each knew that the other knew exactly what had not been said. And after church, when I asked him to verify my unspoken question, he said it, verbatim. Must be another only-child thing!!!

We will open up the cabin this weekend. Water system on, dock and boat in, and plant 1000 seedling pines around our acreage. With the pain in my leg so bad, I don't know how much help I will be with the planting. I have apprehension about the doc appt on Wednesday for my leg. I am not sure what I want to hear, but it is akin to waiting for PET scan results. You need to brace for news you don't want and try to keep faith in healing. As Sam reminded me today, I need to remember that whatever the results, they are man's words, not God's words. Whose do I trust more? Sam is right. And I will be relieved to know the truth either way.

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Pipsylou said...

Yes...relieved to know the truth either way...the anticipation of the unknown has to be hardest.