Tuesday, May 8, 2012


My sweet friend Angie, knowing my apprehension about the appointment tomorrow, 
sent me this:

She also sent me a quote that just smacks of truth: When you go through difficulty and wonder where God is, remember the teacher is always quiet during a test.

Love you, Ang. I am saying both of these things out loud as I do housework today!!


Risa said...

I love the quote too, Mary. Prayers for you!!!


Pipsylou said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS! Praying, praying, praying, praying!!!!!!!!

Cole said...

That is AWESOME & I also LOVE the quote!! Praying for you, Mary!!!

Colleen said...

That is just beautiful...and so are friends...friends really come through, don't they?! I'll be out mowing all day tomorrow, with lots of time to pray for you as you go through your day. Love, Colleen