Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I am back home in SD. Spending a week doing medical tests and reconnecting with my man after 2 1/2 weeks apart. I am also battling a terrrific head cold. By God's blessing, I have not been sick for 21 months, and this has kicked me down pretty hard. I am most concerned about my compromised immune system from chemo to fight it off. If you would like to pray, please pray that I could suppress my coughing during the scans so that they do not have to re-do them! I'm sure coughing doesn't do lung cancer any good.

I had a wonderful 4 days with my best friend Susan from Athens, Georgia. She came up to the lake. We had a great time relaxing and well, just being and doing what best friends do.

Sam moved to Minneapolis on Sunday. Starts his internship on Friday. Like any parent, I am praying for his safety driving in the big city, for a job to support himself doing the unpaid internship, and that no hindrances would pop up to him reaching this goal. He is so excited about jump-starting his future career by making all these contacts. I can't wait to watch over the next several years as he goes after those career dreams, and see what God has for him. This mom is pretty sure he will reach them.

My head is too congested and pressured to write any more. I will fill you all in on the backside.

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Cole said...

I'm praying for no coughing and for God to reveal what He's ready for you to see right now! =)

I'll be in prayer for Sam as well! I can only imagine that being Tristan in a big endeavor and how excited I would be for him. I have no doubt Sam will have an amazing summer and that the success he begins to see will only be the start of a wonderful career for him.