Sunday, September 16, 2012


We had a real nice Saturday afternoon over at Dordt. Watched the end of the girls' soccer game and all of the boys' game. The Jamestown College Jimmies swept the Defenders, but the day was beautiful, and we got to take Sam out to dinner before he had to get back and study. He's got a big week coming up.

There was a girl on the Jamestown team with the last name Wahl and her hometown was Jamestown, so I made an assumption she was a daughter of either my classmate Doug Wahl or one of his brothers. I knew Craig and Steve and Doug and Wade, graduated with Doug. So I decided to approach the girls' team on the bleachers after their game and asked the group which of them was Kara (yes, I know, I probably embarrassed her). I asked her if she was related to Doug Wahl and she said that Doug was her uncle. She was the daughter of Steve, who was a year older and dated one of my good friends for awhile. I got to write down my name for her and tell her to greet her dad and Doug for me. She was a sweet girl.

I am sitting at a soccer match in a small town in Iowa, and meet the niece of one of my high school buddies. Go figure.

It was fun for me to see the bright orange Jimmies bus, reminding me of the campus which I grew up passing nearly every day. We only lived a handful of blocks away. Am very proud to have grown up in Jamestown and graduated from JHS! I didn't go to Jamestown College, but if they had been playing any other team but Dordt College, I would have been cheering them on!!

Sam in his element, in his broadcasting "booth"

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