Saturday, September 15, 2012


My knee has no meniscus tear. The MRI revealed wear and tear of the cartilage behind the kneecap, which although is normal aging, seems a bit premature to me. I walk 2 miles every day, rain or snow, but I was only a runner for about 5-6 years....I want to think that the wear and tear would not have started quite yet!! It could be part of the reason for the pain, but the bottom line is, the doc doesn't know what is causing the locking up of my knee and the pain with weight bearing. He injected the kneecap with cortisone on Thursday and we are going to see if that, along with 10 different exercises for strengthening the hip and knee will help.

Richie and I are headed over to Sioux Center today for the soccer game against Jamestown College! Sam will be field-side broadcasting play-by-play for the live webcast, so we can sit near him, chat during breaks, and take him out to dinner. His only request from home: 7-layer bars. Mom complied.

Off and running...

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Cole said...

So thankful to hear there is no tear!! Will be praying that the injection will be used by God to deliver relief to the area and the exercises will be fruitful!

Hope you have a wonderful time at the game!!