Tuesday, February 19, 2013


It has been a trying 11 days. When your colon is paralyzed, life gets messy. On the heels of dealing with more of that, I developed bad stomach pain which was odd and random. The local docs kept telling me it was all a part of the chemo-induced constipation, but I have dealt with that issue to one degree or another for over 2 years and it has never been accompanied by stomach pain. So this morning I had a CT scan of my belly and abdomen and we'll see what that shows. I am praying there will be an easy-to-treat diagnosis.

I told my husband last night that I just dream about being ME again. Healthy and able to think about OTHERS instead of all my own issues. Cancer makes one turn inward, and I suppose that is totally normal, but it is ugly when you have never been that way. I want to have the energy again to give back to others and stop thinking about me. Easier said than done when your body keeps throwing curve balls in your path.

Our reno is about 3/4 done (hey, maybe the chaos in the house was the reason for the gut pain) and we will be thrilled to have furniture all back in its rightful place. I keep saying that every reno is THE LAST ONE just because of all the upheaval, but when you are trying to bring a 1964 house into the current age, you just have to put up with it. 

My eye appointment yesterday yielded no new information on my vitreous detachment. My optometrist here had given me the identical information. LIVE WITH IT! Just another thing for God to heal!

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Cole said...

I'm also praying for an easy diagnosis and a quick remedy!! I know there is a list longer than St. Nick's with the assaults against you over the past couple of years, but especially the last few months. I also know, God has already begun a healing work in you and God is always faithful to finish what He starts. It's so hard to see His timing working in this...and I'm just on the sidelines. I'm praying for your strength and peace through all of this as He heals you COMPLETELY!! Love you!!