Tuesday, February 12, 2013


The chemo won this round. I could not go on any longer being plugged up, and had tried every remedy possible. My oncologist told me yesterday to go back down to a single dose of the chemo, at least for now, to see if we can de-paralyze my colon. I did finally have total relief last night after another 9 days. I will leave out the details, but suffice it to say, there are many definitions of spousal love. I lost 3 pounds in an hour, and started shaking badly because my electrolytes were totally messed up. But today, I have a flat stomach and back to 111 pounds. I was able to get to the wellness center to lift weights again after being unable to function for a week. The sun is shining, it is 40 degrees and I just took a great walk (we still have grass and no snow....it has been a fairly snowless winter). If our house were not in total chaos right now (the dining room is being reno'd) I would see snippets of normalcy today. 

I am well aware that the single doses of chemo, from a pharmacology standpoint, were no longer keeping the cancer cells at bay. But I also have faith that God is still healing, and that He really does not even need chemo at all, so I am accepting this change without much angst. In fact, I may just decide to stay on the single dose, even after my peristalsis is working again. Dick and Sam and I will have to confer about that and make a decision.

I will see an ophthalmologist on Thursday about this vitreous detachment. I think I have a second one in the right eye....the blurry vision is worse. I just need another opinion about whether there is anything at all that could be done about it. If not, another miracle healing to pray for.

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