Friday, February 8, 2013


Time between posts has been occupied with what I had hoped would not happen again. But did. The chemo double dose has shut down my peristalsis. (I should take some pride in what must be close to a world record of "not going" for 11 days) If you have thought it, I have tried it. If it has been manufactured, I have purchased it. If it is an old wives' folk remedy, it has been done. A few of the remedies have been comic relief for Dick and me. And, nothing. 

An x-ray done on Wednesday showed no impaction, and they gave me a new script for something "stronger" which I started yesterday. We will see. I look 5 months pregnant, and am very hard-bellied, but there is only so much one can complain about this side effect without sounding like a 85-year-old, waxing on about her bowels. 

I am grateful I was raised in a family who is quite cavalier and open about bodily functions. When we have to talk about poop, we just do. If I was uptight about this subject, I would be sorely embarrassed by now. It just is what it is. OK. Enough bowel talk.

We praise God for a miracle healing for our friend Darrell up in Minnesota. Almost 5 years of being cancer-free from stage 4 colon cancer, they found a another tumor in the liver. We, and hundreds of others prayed for him, and especially that God would take that tumor out even before surgery. Well, they should have re-scanned him before his 6 hour surgery, because they COULD. NOT. FIND. THE. TUMOR.!! Our great Jehovah-Rapha, Healer God, dissolved the tumor!! No cancer! Sadly, he has to go through a long recovery from the surgery, but his testimony is awesome. Doubters that God still divinely heals today? Take note.

We are continuing to pray boldly for healing for our friend Ken here who is going to have surgery for his brain tumor on Tuesday. If you read this blog post before Tuesday, please pray a prayer for Ken.....and stand in faith for healing for him.

Along with Ken and his wife Earleen and my friend Darrell and his family, my thoughts and prayers this week have also been with my brother-in-law who lost his mom and my sister-in-law who lost her dad. It makes me weep with gratitude that I still have my precious parents in my life. I still need them.

I have the latest manuscript of my book on healing at the printer. I already have 3 people who want copies. Even my best friend's pastor wants one. He has been reading books on healing and when Susan let him read her copy of mine, he said it was the most understandable of all he has read on the subject. I was so humbled by that comment. Understandable was exactly what I was shooting for. Clear and simple proof that healing is what God wants for His followers.

I need to get going. My hubbie and I have date night tonight. At Walmart. Buying groceries. You might think that sounds pathetic, but it is huge step up from the other "dates" we have been forced to have the past 2 weeks, the venue being in the bathroom. Yes. Walmart sounds pretty dang romantic tonight.

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Cole said...

LOL! I've had many "date nights" at Wal-Mart shopping for groceries so I understand.

PRAISE GOD for His healing!!!! That filled me with more joys than my eyes can hold back so I'm smiling ear to ear with tears streaming. This often confuses my children, but I guess it gives me a chance to explain why it's happening. :)

Certainly praying for your bowels and Ken's healing as well!!