Saturday, February 23, 2013


Getting a CT scan report of "normal" is double-edged news. On the one hand, you want them to find the reason for all the stomach pain. On the other hand, you are glad you do not have an ulcer or tumor or something else causing it. Blessedly, the pain has been waning on its own the past 3 days, for which I am very grateful. Enough even that I went back to work yesterday for the first time in 3 weeks, and it felt so good!!

My oncologist has scheduled me to see a GI doc in another week to discuss possibilities for managing this side effect. He is hoping that there is a "miracle remedy" for chemo-induced constipation that I can take so that he can get me back on the regular dose of chemo. In the meantime I am continuing on the half dose (not that my system has triggered itself back to normal yet). I know that chemo takers either have chronic diarrhea or chronic constipation. I think that the diarrhea would be preferable, though maybe if that was my problem, I would readily trade it back for the plug-up.

My mom used to have a lithograph in the bathroom at our Bad Medicine Lake cabin featuring a clothesline full of clothes blowing in the breeze. It read, "If all of our troubles were hung on a line, you would take yours and I would take mine." Maybe in the grand scheme of chemo side effects, this adage is true. Either way, I need to deal with it. 

Richie and I are headed over to Dordt shortly for a play-off game, and then Sam is going to drive home  in his own car after the game and spend the night. "I want to sleep in my own bed, study in quiet, and eat some good food." Not even a haircut on his agenda! We will take him for any and all reasons and be that "soft spot" for him to fall, even if it is for only 20 hours!!


Cole said...

I'm so thankful that you're having some relief AND that there are no additional issues that showed up on the CT Scan. I'm with the oncologist...praying that there is a solution from the GI doc. Hope you guys have a great weekend together!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the good news re: your GI. Hope you had a wonderful time with Sam home! Thinking of you buddy!