Tuesday, January 29, 2013


On Sunday, our church family was informed that one of our members was diagnosed with a brain tumor. A great guy, man of God, in his '50's, married to a sweet friend of mine. As I looked around the church, I saw tears and more tears. And I, for as emotional of a person as I am, felt not one teardrop eeking its way out of my lacrimal glands. All I felt was a slow, seething, raw anger at Satan. I mean, I came close to standing up in church and yelling at everyone, "Don't be sad! Be MAD! We have to FIGHT this battle with Kenny against the devil who designed tumors to destroy humans' lives." 

I am so tired of cancer assaulting my friends. 5 people in my life----a cousin, a neighbor, a co-worker, and 2 friends have died of lung cancer this year. And now Ken. I am SO angry at the evil in this world personified as cancer. Satan knows where to strike. Because all too many people accept this diagnosis as "God's will." Scripture is SO clear that HEALING is God's will. Disease has NEVER been God's will for his beloved children. 

I am angry. Really really angry. 

On Thursday we are going over to talk to our friends. We know every feeling they have right now. We can feel every fear, every doubt. We know the terror and the grief and the puzzlement and the "This is NOT my life" spiral. We know every lie that the devil is whispering to them right now. We know every scenario he has planted in their minds for their future. We know.

Oh, yes, we know.

But praise to our amazing God for rescuing Dick and Sam and me from the grip of terror. We found the truths about healing in the Bible. We learned them. We believe them. We stand on them. 

I am alive.

I should be dead. Should have been in the crematorium round about October of 2011, at the latest.

Sorry, devil. You talked just a little too much smack for our taste. You have been vanquished in the name of Jesus Christ. 

If they want to hear them, we are going to share with our friends the truths we have learned. If not, that is fine. But we will offer to them the knowledge we have gleaned in 2 1/2 years. If they want to get mad, we are the perfect people to have in the battalion. We are ready to battle the one who is responsible for this tumor. And it isn't God.

Will you please say some prayers for my friends Ken and Earleen? They need peace and discernment and they need the supernatural power of our God to heal this tumor. In the name of Jesus, please claim that for them, because "by His stripes, we ARE HEALED." (Is 53:5)


Anonymous said...

See, God is starting you and Dick's healing ministry already--even before final proof is evident in the physical realm of your forthcoming healing! PTL! He rocks! No better people for Ken and Earleen to have in their corner than you! luvuju!

Cole said...

I understand the anger and I'm SO thankful you are going to go share the truth with Ken & Earleen, I will certainly be in prayer!!