Friday, October 25, 2013


I've had a really tough month of chemo side effects-----all in the form of the classic chemo-plug up. Yet again. Except this time I fear that my peristalsis is permanently damaged. I have had exactly 4 bowel movements in one month, all brought on by "excessive" efforts. The treatment that has been working so well for 5 months all of a sudden has stopped. If you need something to pray for, please pray that God would heal my peristalsis and that my bowels would be able to tolerate the chemo without me having to be wiped out for 2 days every week with treatment.

That said, I refuse to see that one large problem as being more significant than all of the smaller things to be grateful for, that make me smile, that impress me. So many good things have happened this week that overshadow my chemo-complaints.

***Those of you who know me well know I HATE to shop, and that a trip to the city to run errands is always a pained day. But this week I needed to go buy a new freezer because ours  (yes, full of fish and berries) was found dead one night this week. I had 4 other errands and each went swimmingly well. Each store either took my return without question, had exactly what I needed, offered me free gift wrapping, or just happened to have an item (on clearance) that I had been needing for a long time. It was not a pained day. It was really OK. That made me smile.

***I was so impressed to receive a thank you from my niece Tamela within 13 days of her wedding. Not too many young people today understand the importance of thank yous, and some come months after the fact. Tam knows her social graces. Kudos to her for being so thoughtful.

***I was asked to be a part of a team of people from church to design the new website, and I am so excited to be a part of this. I asked Sam's girlfriend Gretchen for any advice she had for the team, as she is passionate about this type of thing and works in marketing. She had done an internship at a church and worked on this same thing. She gave us a boatload of great suggestions and points to ponder. I was so impressed by all her knowledge and was so proud of her input!

***We went to our last "Parents' Weekend" at Dordt last weekend. 'Twas bittersweet! Got to sit with Sam in the booth as he broadcasted the hockey game. Then we went to the Alumni-Varsity basketball game together, took in some of the Praise and Worship hour at the student center, took him out for something to eat, and then came home. We were so incredibly moved and impressed by Dordt's Praise Team. Wow. Talk about real worship. When I said to Sam, "You mean, THIS is what you have gotten for the past 3 years," he said, "Yeah, I've been spoiled, haven't I." Dick and I are so grateful for this Christian culture he has been able to wrap himself in for 4 years of his life.

***Sam has his last broadcast of our high school football team next Tuesday. Anyone who would like to listen to him... he is at, click on the red Red Eye Sports box along the top, then click into the game listed on the right side. The game will probably start at 6:45 or 7:00. (It will be listed in a few days). We are so proud of his work. He has been asked to broadcast the Tanagers' basketball season too. Anything that brings him home for an hour, or even an overnight, we are excited about!


I am headed to Georgia for a week to see my best friend. I hate to fly like I hate to shop, but once I get there, it'll be great to be together again!

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