Thursday, October 31, 2013


I have put myself in self-imposed seclusion this week. It is my own personal rescue operation. I am spending many hours talking with the Lord, reading Scripture, dusting myself off from the grief of Sunday's reality, and trying to get back on the faith horse. I am spending time doing "normal" things that need to be tried with the "new eyes".....reading, writing, walking, watching TV. I am training myself in the new normal, praying for God to remove the intense self-awareness of the "greasy blobs" floating around in my vision. 

The bottom line has been God's question posed to me: MARY, CAN YOU TRUST ME? That is the fundamental question right now, and one that I have taken days to answer. 

I wish I could say that the doubts did not creep in. They did. But this period of seclusion with God from the outside world has helped me toss them out. 

Here's where I am. If I have complete faith in the Word of God which promises healing for my cancer and my right eye, why wouldn't I have faith for both eyes? Like God is only Healer enough for one side of my face? I mean, how shallow would my faith be? There are no limits on my God of abundance for total healing, and I expect it. BOTH EYES. LUNG TUMOR. ALL of it.

So with that backbone in place again, I now just pray that God will help me adjust to living with the blurriness until the day He chooses the healing. I welcome any prayers along that line. 

Appreciate your vision, friends. Every day. Every hour. It is more precious than you know.

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Cole said...

I'm so thankful to hear of your time with the Lord this week. It's so easy to get sucked into Satan's web of lies for your life...SO easy...but that ugly, deceitful one will not be the one to claim victory over you and I am right beside you in prayer. Love you, Mare!