Wednesday, December 4, 2013


You might have guessed that I have been sick yet again.

Bronchitis has invaded my lungs, and with a compromised immune system from chemo and compromised lungs from cancer, this has taken a bite out of me. We had a wedding over Thanksgiving in northern MN.....a wedding I wouldn't have missed for the world. In retrospect, I probably should have stayed home in bed and rested and let the guys go alone, but I had to be there to see Sam's best friend get married. God graciously gave me a pocket of grace during that 4-hour period. It really was pretty uncanny. My cough was under control and I did not feel fevered and even felt like dancing a bit. However, the minute we got back to the motel, my whole system took a nosedive and I have felt worse than ever.

The doctor said she has seen this last 3-4 weeks, and I am praying I will be the exception. I am camped out on the sofa, coughing like crazy, bored, and unable to exert any energy at all. My sweet husband has not had a home-cooked meal for 2 weeks. I am grateful for Dick who just quietly steps up to the plate and takes over when I am out of commission.

It is difficult to find anything to be thankful for when you feel so awful, but it is in those bored, sick moments all day long that I need to focus on all I DO have, including a brand new great-niece, Hazel, born a week ago, healthy and adorable. I can't wait to meet her.

Thank you in advance for prayers for my health. I keep telling the Lord I need new lungs! RIght now, I need patience as I fight this bronchial battle!

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