Thursday, December 26, 2013


We have had a wonderful week! A weekend full of friends and fun (Sam has such great friends!) was followed by a stirring Christmas Eve service and a sweet relaxed Christmas with just our family. God is so good. We are so blessed.

Sam's girlfriend Gretchen and two of his best friends and roomies, Lee and Sam. 

Sam and Gretchen going to the wedding of Sam's friend Zach.

Sam's best friend James and his new wife Meredith (and pup Molly)
were able to come on Sunday on their way to their new home in Nebraska.

Ekstrom tradition.....baking and decorating cookies for Christmas Eve.

Sam liked his new Kevin Love shirt.

I got a great tee from Sam....a Vikings/KFAN shirt with Paul Allen's
twitter hash tag!!

We had our next door neighbors Burt and Jeanette over for Christmas
night dessert and hot chocolate. They are great friends and awesome neighbors.

Sam has left for a week, but will be home for 2 more weeks after that and we intend to cram them with more family memories. Our extended time together is waning, as graduation and a future full-time job loom in his future. We will make the most of every day! 

Wishing all who read this a very blessed 2014.

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