Saturday, January 10, 2015


The Hieb women are thin. From Nanny on down, we work at keeping ourselves pretty svelte. Even the newest Hieb, my nephew's new wife, keeps the traditional going with her about-a-size-4 self. My nieces who have had babies have retrieved their flat tummies quickly and keep them that way!

So it has been a really hard thing for me to lose my "thin" status and be forced into the "gaunt" label that chemotherapy side effects produced. From September until the first part of December, I had lost 8 pounds and looked downright emaciated. I have felt terrible about my appearance. I longed to be back in line with all my women-folk in the family.

And so I have eaten. And eaten. Once off the chemotherapy in mid-November, I have taken to food like a squirrel to nuts. And I am thrilled to say that as of this week, I have gained back 7 of those pounds and look my thin-and-healthy self again. My stomach is no longer concave and my cheeks have filled out and I no longer have any sagging skin under my arms. It feels awesome!!

I wondered during those awful weeks if I would ever look like me again, and I venture to say that it feels like another miracle to have gained this weight back. Kate, Anna, Gretch, Bets.....and the rest of you Hiebers, I AM BACK!! I didn't break the chain!!

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