Saturday, January 17, 2015


I have spent the past 4 days in Fargo. Mom had a small stroke and went from the hospital to a transitional care unit in the nursing home complex connected to her apartment complex. Her goal is to get enough OT/PT to go back home. 

I don't know how residents fare transitioning into long term care without an adult child to advocate for them. How many of them fall through the cracks? I spent 8 out of every 10 hours a day with her in her room, but much of the day was spent advocating on her behalf. I was intervening at every interval of care making sure that her needs/wants/preferences were being met. It grieves me that so many elderly people do not have that kind of advocacy. One morning, I had 7 meetings with 3 different department heads, making sure I was being heard on Mom's behalf. 

While there are some wonderful aides in long term care, there are still those who are condescending and impatient and unkind. It breaks my heart that those people are allowed to work with the elderly. When Mom had waited at least 6 minutes for someone to come and take her to the bathroom, I had to track down an RN who had to track down an aide. I flat out told her it was unacceptable for a 94-year-old bladder to be expected to wait like that. It took 10 minutes to answer the light (sigh). What happens to the people who have to wait and there is nobody to run interference for them? 

I will get off my soap box. I get steamed up.

That said, her therapists are all great and she is working hard to recover.

My brothers and I are committed to continue to advocate for Mom for as long as we need to. And my sweet sister-in-law who lives in Fargo and visits often will speak up boldly for any injustice she sees. 

I was so tickled to be able to go out for breakfast one morning with a dear old high school friend, Paul Johnson. We played catch-up with our families and our lives and our future plans. It was so great to see him.

Please keep my mom is your prayers for total recovery and relocation back to her home.

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