Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I am so humbled that “there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1). I am so grateful that I have a God who can take my anger and my insults and my why-have-you-forsaken-me screams and only whisper in my ear…

Daughter, it’s OK. No guilt. I made you and I understand you and your hurt. I felt forsaken too once. You’re OK. I know you love me. I’ve got you in my arms. Get it out. I love you with an everlasting love. Every word of your anger….past, present and future…..was forgiven at the foot of my cross. There is no condemnation.

The amber glow of God’s face.

His face of pure grace.

Soft waves blowing words from the Lord from Georgia to SD, as my best friend, who has been given the spiritual gift of knowledge, calls with things God has put on her heart for us. When she asks the Holy Spirit to impart a word to someone through her, she speaks truth.

She said that God wants us right now to rest in Him. That He sees we are battle-weary. He wants us to know the battle is His. We are to take Romans 8:26 and know it as a living reality. When we just don’t know the words to pray, the Holy Spirit inside of us is groaning in words that cannot be expressed on earth to the throne room of the Father, making our needs known.

We are to rest and let Him do the battle.

I was immediately led to 2 Chron 2:15, 17, where the Spirit of the Lord said to King Jehoshaphat, fearing the Ammonites waging war around him: DO NOT BE AFRAID OR DISCOURAGED BECAUSE OF THIS VAST ARMY (brain tumors). FOR THE BATTLE IS NOT YOURS, BUT GOD’S. YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO FIGHT THIS BATTLE; TAKE UP YOUR POSITIONS; STAND FIRM AND SEE THE DELIVERANCE THE LORD WILL GIVE YOU.



Waves of blessed peace.

Our inner circle of prayer warriors has notched it up around us with incredible love and support and powerful prayer. Two men that we just met in December in Iowa have been faithfully calling on conference calls to pray and rebuke the enemy. One night they called each other and prayed for nearly 2 hours just for me!

My dear friend Cole who also has been imparting words of knowledge from Lord sends me email prayers and encouragement that make me weep. Yesterday she said almost the EXACT same thing to us, verbatim, that our men friends said on the phone the night before. It gave me chills. All in context that cancer has become the medical Goliath in our culture today. And he is slayable. God gave both of them that word-picture for me to hang onto.

My faithful Ben and Hur, Mary Ruth and Julie, so on fire for us for healing, so unrelenting in faith standing with us, warring.

When the ancient Israelites offered up their grain on the altars, they were thanking the Lord for his mercies and for supplying their needs.


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