Thursday, February 19, 2015


Our family stands at the foot of the cross today, humbly accepting another gift from God. Our med reports from yesterday were so good. 

When they found a brain full of cancer, the medical contingent felt that it was probable that tumors were metastasizing in other parts of my body, quite possibly in the liver, kidneys or bones.

What we were given yesterday was wonderful news that there is no growing or spreading tumors anywhere. There is a spot on the primary tumor we will "watch," but it has no evidence of acceleration in any way.

Our family of three continues to have unwavering faith in the promises of the Word of God that healing----total and complete----will be ours. Based on His Word and nothing else.

To all my amazing blog followers who are my best friends and extended family, thank you for asking about, praying about, standing in faith with us, and wrapping us in your love.

To God be the glory, once again.


Ireta said...

We are so grateful for your good news! Our "small group" otherwise known as the choir has been praying for you and will continue to do so.

Betsy (Hieb) Levar said...
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Betsy (Hieb) Levar said...

Wonderful news, Auntie! Prayers from MN wrap around you. You're a cute, little baldy! Maybe you'll go curly like my mom did after chemo. :) I remember she had a magenta scarf that was gorgeous and turns out that color flatters all skin tones and puts color in your face. I love you fiercely. xox bets
P.S. the picture of that sweet poopie looked delish!

Cole said...

PRAISING THE LORD!!! I can heard the loud noise on that final lap...the wall is coming down! :) LOVE YOU!