Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Potluck club is a highlight of our month. 6 great friends gather to share a meal, laugh and talk, play a game, or watch a game on TV. It's one of those dates we love penning onto our calendars every month.

Well, last night was February's meal. 

So, I got to thinking last night, after serving up this new concoction of mine, Peppermint White Chocolate Cream Fudge Eclairs, that I better show it to my Anna, Kate, Bets, and Gretch. I want my nieces to be reassured that brain cancer has not taken out the cells that can keep sweets out of the Hieb repertoire. Auntie Em can still "sweet poopy" any occasion and you need not fear, dear ones!!

For my praying friends, tomorrow is my CT scan which will tell us if there are any live tumors growing anywhere in my body. If there are, they will want a biopsy in Denver. Please pray AGAINST every cancer cell in the name of Jesus!! Thanks!

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Rachel J said...

praying. praying. praying. praying for those tumors to be GONE, in Jesus' name! I love you so much! I loved the joy on your face in these pictures and I LOVE the hat!