Friday, May 13, 2011


I've been too busy to blog! I worked full time Monday thru Thursday and spent the evenings doing errands and helping the guys pack up a load to take to the lake (they are up there this weekend turning on the water system and getting the dock in). This morning I left the house at 7 to drive to SF for chemotherapy and spent a few hours doing SF errands before leaving. Am finally home now and ready to take a walk then RELAX!! I'm alone for the stocked up on taped Oprah shows from the week and 4 new books, so I'll be snug as a bug. 

I absolutely LOVE my new doctor. How many times can I say it? He is amazing in his compassion and his faith and his demeanor. Since August, I have been so discouraged that my old doctor never EVER said to me something like, "Gee, Mary, I think you are doing well." I longed for those words. I just wanted that reassurance from her. Today, Dr. T got done visiting with and examining me and turns to me and smiles and says, "You are doing so great!" And then hugs me. I could hardly keep the tears back. Connecting with him is one of the many abundant treasures I have found on this journey.

As I step into my weekend post-chemo, I would just ask for prayer that any side-effects would again, be minimal or non-existent. Last round, I did not have 1 minute of nausea or fatigue, and that is quite an answer to prayer. So, I appreciate any intercession for the same results!!

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