Friday, May 20, 2011


Dick bought an Easter lily from a student for a fundraiser. He brought it home, and while it looked healthy and had several buds, it was still very closed up. I was disappointed that we had an Easter without the magnificent scent of lily wafting through the room. But it wasn't the lily's time at Easter. It was 10 days later, when 8 huge flowers appeared, with a ninth still to come. The scent of lily filled our living room and every time you walked by it, the air stirred and the scent carried all over. It was the most beautiful and fragrant lily I have ever seen.

A bit like waiting for healing. It is not being done on my time. I remember how disappointed I was when the first PET scan showed no change in the tumors. I was so sure that THAT was "the time." Like the lilies, I need to rest, knowing that the scent and beauty of God's glory will shine forth on the day He releases me from cancer.

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Julie said...

Like all your writings, BEAUTIFULLY PUT! luvu, ju