Monday, May 2, 2011


Dick and I drove to Sioux Falls yesterday to worship with a church that has been incredibly supportive of us for the past 8 months. Pastor Sam Allen and his wife JoDee (who is one of Dick’s PT students at USD) are the spiritual leaders of Life Abundant Church, a fellowship of devout and loving believers who have not only prayed for my healing, but have gone further to stand on God’s Word with us that healing is happening. Their church believes as we do that healing is one of God’s redemptive blessings, and that healing needs to be accepted in faith just as salvation is. They have even prayed about the healing ministry that Dick and I believe we have been mandated by God to start.

I am SUCH a chemo-brain, and forgot my camera to take some pictures. Wish I could put their faces on my blog for you all to see! When we arrived, a dear gal named Denise (who has also made meals for us) had a white rose corsage for me! They all were so warmly welcoming and it was probably pretty nice for them to finally put a face to my name. Dick and I were able to get up and give a short testimony of what God has led us through the past 8 months, and it was a blessing to be able to share God’s goodness in our lives. There were so many hugs from so many people….even young children. What a great church family they have! God is so glorified in every minute of their service and Sunday school. The Holy Spirit was so alive in Pastor Sam and his congregation……we just simply were blessed by the whole morning. I know we will be going back to worship with them again this fall.

I continue to fight with my right leg every day. The radiation effects have created stiffness and arthritis and I work at least 2 hours every day to loosen it up. Every day is different as to whether the heat, massage and stretching will help. My personal goal is to get back to being able to touch my toes to my nose, which I can easily do with my left leg. Not being as limber as I used to be is frustrating, but all I can do is keep at my “treatment.” Three nights ago I was able to reach my nose, but could only hold it for 2 seconds. My friend Sandy told me I have to keep working at it and I will.

I strained my back 2 weeks ago and that is making my leg worse. I am hoping my back will turn around soon so that I can be helpful getting this torn up house back together when the day finally comes. The new sinks come this morning, and the tile floor is in. That is progress.

Bless the Lord, O my soul…....who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases!! Psalm 103:1-5


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SO cool, Auntie!!!!!!!!! SO cool!

Pipsylou said...

How did I miss those older posts? Still scratching my head...maybe I was meant to read them tonight.