Sunday, October 23, 2011


It's that time again. All I can think about is how many needle sticks I will have to have to insert the catheter. I won't see my doctor tomorrow...have to see his nurse practitioner .... don't know her....we'll see how that goes. Had a good productive weekend alone while Dick was at his state conference. Had 3 good friends over for Friday girls-night-out and did alot of laughing. Jill, Angie, and Karol, you're the best!! Got laundry and cleaning done on Saturday, and got outside windows washed before Dick got home today. Got 3 books ready and waiting for the next 4 sleepless-on-steroids nights. And so the week starts.....

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Cole said...

I'll be praying for ONE needle stick and a gentle & faithful n.p.

You're so productive in the midst of such a schedule...a living source of encouragement! =)