Sunday, October 16, 2011


I had to take a little "station break" from my blog for a while and deal with some dire medical issues. None related to cancer. I had a kidney stone----the pain from which was worse than any childbirth experience----and then another altogether different issue, which at the risk of giving TMI, I will simply say, made me want to choose kidney stone pain. The issues are resolved, and I am still in one piece. 

My son came home for an overnight on Saturday, though considering he spent hours working on a philosophy paper about "Are We More Than DNA?", we did not actually spend much time visiting. It made me remember that I never did like philosophy!! We did his laundry,  filled him up with "real food," topped off his gas tank, and sent him back to Dordt life. The house still feels empty without him. It probably always will. 

I am busy working on my booklet about divine healing.....all of the Scriptural truths I have studied and researched and learned about this year. I am so pleased with how smoothly it is all coming together, and I hope to complete it sometime in November. There is so much that people don't know about God's will in healing....things I surely did not know until desperation made me search for them. I pray as I write that there will be others who might find truth and faith in my words, and be set on healing paths.

Thanks to my blog readers who continue to check for posts even through long absences!! I continue to be humbled that anyone cares to read my random thoughts.


Cole said...

I cherish your words, Mary! They've given me specifics in my prayers for you and hope for my own future and family as well.

On the kidney stone note...I literally 'feel your pain'! I've had them and have been randomly passing them for the last 5 years. Those little buggers sure don't make an elegant exit, do they?! I'll be praying that the pain and the wake they've caused in your body calm and that you're able to return to status quo. =)

Sending LOVE and PRAYERS of PRAISE!!!

Risa said...

Hi Mary,
I'm one of your random readers - weekly at best. Thanks for taking the time to fill us in on your life happenings and all that you are learning. You have students out here!