Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Reflections as I look back on the news of my PET scan.....

Several people have asked me since if I am still flying high. The truth is, I am not, and I never was. First of all, I was on steroids, which means I did not sleep for 4 nights and sleep deprivation sort of takes the tap out of the tapping shoes. It is hard to exhibit ebullience when you are a zombie. Secondly, though, and more cogent of a reason, is that it was not a surprise. It did not shock us. It was what our faith has taught us to expect. 

Did we expect that one of the tumors would be healed completely? Not necessarily. And we are very humbly grateful for all of it. But the good report was what we have been standing on in faith for a year. If it had surprised us, it really would have told us that we didn't believe in divine healing as much as we have said we do. So, while the news produced a quiet track of tears down Dick's and my faces, there were no screams and shouts, no shock, no being blown away by what God had already promised us.

Our belief needs to stay strong, for Satan is so eager to get his hands into our business and convince us that this is all a fluke. We know his MO and we are poised to rebuke him at every turn. He, author of disease, would like nothing more than to reverse all of this news or make us think that it is all coming back to me in time. He has no power in this home.

Life rolls on.......I still have cancer........but news is encouraging......I am getting some good hours working (to pay for the cancer care!!)......our days have been in the 80's......I guess that means life is good.

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Pipsylou said...

I heart you. That is all. :)