Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Dick and I refused to read any lung cancer literature after my diagnosis. I did not want to hear anything about it. I knew only that the average survival after diagnosis was about 16 months. They say knowledge is power. In this case, knowledge meant depression. I wanted no medical prognostications. Because those numbers do not conform to the work of a Creator and a Healer. But on a walk this week, I casually said to Dick, "I wonder what the numbers really are." He said, "After your last PET scan, I looked up the stats. Do you want to know what they are?" Finally, I could hear the numbers. So here is my reality check.

For stage 4 non-small-cell lung cancer:

69% of patients are alive after 6 months.
44% of patients are alive after one year.
29% of patients are alive after 18 months.

All glory to God that I am in that 44%!!!


Cole said...

And with the work of our glorious Savior you'll pass all of those stats and create your own! =)

I can't stop praising Him for all the amazing work He's doing in every cell of your wonderful body!!

Love and prayers!! =)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Cole !
think of you each and everyday my friend !
Almost our B-days !
Love ya

Pipsylou said...

i LOVE THIS!!!!!! You'll be "off the charts", just like Phoebe is with her height! ;) LOVE It!