Saturday, February 25, 2012


Dick and I went over to Dordt today to take in a Defender basketball game with Sam (against Midland Lutheran College in Nebraska), a semi-final game in the GPAC conference tournament. Dordt won the regular season championship and are on their way to the national tournament in Missouri in another 2 weeks! It was an amazing nail-biter of a game with an atmosphere that was so highly charged that it made all of the high school and USD games here in town seem like the rec league. I've never been in a packed college gym with such incredible student and home-town support. My ears may still be ringing!

Students get free pop and popcorn, so Sam supplied us!


Our section starting to fill up 45 minutes before game time

Sam and 3 of his best friends, Sam E. (sitting left), Sam V. (standing left),
Tim (Sam's roomie, standing right), and Cody (sitting foreground).

"Spooning" the camera...we took the guys out to Pizza Ranch for dinner after the game.
Sam has the greatest friends ever. We had never met Sam and Cody before and they were as warm and fun and personable as all his other buddies that we have met. Sam has been blessed with just an amazing, tight group of girls and guys that not just have a blast together, but really care about each other. He chose the perfect college!

'Twas a super Saturday....

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Cole said...

Yay!! It looks like everyone had a great time together, what a wonderful weekend! =)