Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Today is the very first day since January 2nd that I have not been sick or dealing with a medical problem. I am not exaggerating. Today I feel ME again. Praise God for that. I counted up all the issues of the last 6 weeks and they totalled 12, including a 2nd bowel obstruction that was dealt with over the weekend. I'll spare you the details this time!! But each one is over and life feels normal again.

Tonight I start the new chemo drug again. My body is cleansed out and I have high hopes that the reduced dosage will sit just fine with my innards!

Happy Valentine's Day to the people who make my life so great.....far too many to name....you know who you are! Richie and Sam, you know how much I love you and love being your wife and mom. You two are my air and water.


Cole said...

Well, I will second your "PRAISE GOD!" Today has been less than great in my book, so I am absolutely THRILLED to hear that you are finally feeling good today!! Such wonderful news, thank you so much for sharing it!

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Anonymous said...

yippie - sooo glad you are feeling good !