Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I have been asked more than once about the basis for my faith in my healing. Most folks are curious about what I have written in my book, which is a compilation of what I have studied about divine healing in Scripture and other books, leading me to unwavering faith that God is healing me.

I decided that it is time to share. Maybe some of my blog readers are wondering the same thing. It is difficult to make short summaries of my book sections, but I will try as best I can to make my point briefly. It should be understood that I have many Scriptures to back up my belief, though I won't take up all the space here to cite them.

Maybe-----just maybe------one of you who needs healing will believe these truths as well, and stand on The Rock for your own deliverance. I will do this in 5 or 6 "installments" to keep them readable.

The first thing I had to verify before I could stand in faith for healing was that it was God's will for me to be healed. But there was no way I could believe in that because I did not know that disease was not of God. I had never given ANY thought to where disease originated. Apparently I had bought into the theological folklore------completely unsubstantiated by the Bible----that God puts sicknesses into our lives to refine us, as if the Almighty sits on His throne with a collection cancer wands, heart disease wands, Parkinson's wands, etc. and touches them to the foreheads of the children He professes to love so much because they need to grow in their faith. He puts disease on us, we bear it nobly, and by doing so, we glorify God.

How could this myth be passed down for thousands of generations? It is blasphemous! We are calling our God a killer, a murderer, a giver of grief and agony. WHAT?

It did not take too long for me to find in Scripture that God does not smite His children with disease any more than He smites them with sin. He hates both disease and sin. I will take a look at that in another installment. NOTHING in Scripture supports this folklore. God is pure love and wants good things for His followers. (The devil comes only to kill, steal and destroy. I came that they might have life, and have it abundantly. John 10:10)

God's creation was perfect. Adam and Eve had a perfect life in a perfect world and were given eternal life. No where does it say, "On the third day, God said, 'Let there be seed-bearing plants and trees and let there also be cancer.'" Everything God created was GOOD.

Sickness and disease only entered creation when Eve, then Adam after her, sold themselves---and thus, all of us----to the devil by disobeying God's commands in the garden of Eden not to eat the fruit from one tree. They lost their promise for eternal life and they were put in bondage to the devil's power. Suddenly every evil in the world came into existence, including pain and illness, all of it a consequence of their sin. Disease came with the fall of man, initiated by the devil.

It was blatantly clear to me in a mere 3 chapters of Genesis that my cancer was of the devil, not of God. No illness is of God. If disease is something good from God, He would have created it, and given Adam and Eve plenty of it so their existence could be even more perfect. I had my first answer. God did not want me to have this cancer. He does not want any Christian to suffer from disease (much more on this later). Disease is from the enemy. It was born with the fall of man.

Believing that premise, I knew I could proceed to research Scripture as to whether or not God would want to heal me of this cancer that He did not choose for me. God did not put this cancer on me, but how could I ever really know of divine healing could be mine? That was the beginning of an amazing roadtrip through the Bible and other books (which just kept pointing me back to the Bible) that gave me 100% faith and confidence in God's desire and willingness to see believers healed, and gave me every tool I needed to stand firm.

Next time: God established Himself as Healer in the Old Testament; Jesus established Himself as Healer in the New Testament.


Cole said...

Mary, again you have me in tears. When I think back to how certain I was/still am of the healing God has in store for each and every cell of your body, I get chills. When you told me with boldness that this is His plan for me as well...Mary, you shared such a profound gift with me. I had not dared deem myself worthy of so many things, and to be pointed to such unmistakable truth has been life altering.

The thought of you shining every ray of light back onto Him and His glory through this time in your life is so beautiful. I know your willingness to be God's vessel is going to encourage so many people to go on their own journey for the truth.

You are going to be so overwhelmingly blessed by the stories you get back...I know it. God is smiling at your boldness and willingness to step out on His behalf. He has chosen well in trusting you to be another voice in this world, speaking about His truth rather than a convenient worldly version of God's will.

I get to share this truth this week with a loved one who has just received news of an 'ugly spot' on her lung via PET scan. I pray God gives me His words and thank you once again for sharing His love with me, Mary!!

Anonymous said...

You are His voice already, my sweet sistah! And the final chapter hasn't even been written yet! Luvuju

Pipsylou said...

Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU for having the courage (I know it comes from our Lord) to share this with all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like I said, you *don't* have just friends and family reading this blog - trust me on this one. I'd be happy to show you how to find how many people you really do have'll be blown away!